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Dilemmas for a skeptical scientist living in CoVID-19 USA

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2020/12/06

Anthony Fauci was and remains wrong about HIV/AIDS [1]. But everyone can be wrong about one thing and yet right about another; so might Fauci be essentially right about CoVID-19?

Robert Redfield, current director of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), was a member of the HIV Research Group that failed to follow up conundrums about “HIV tests” in the earliest days: the very conundrums that reveal the inadequacies of the accepted views about HIV. Nothing in Redfield’s record inspires confidence in his judgment, quite the contrary [2].

Moreover, even before Redfield, the CDC had failed miserably concerning CoVID-19 tests in the early days. How can I now trust any of the data and analyses issued by the CDC? It was their faulty, statistically incompetent, classification of the early AIDS sufferers that laid the basis for the mistaken view of an infectious disease [3]; and they ignored the HIV-test conundrums when they were pointed out to them [#514 in The Case against HIV ].

A large proportion of my colleagues in Rethinking AIDS [4] have extrapolated the lack of credibility of Fauci, CDC, et al. to conclude that CoVID-19 is not dangerously different from the normal influenza-like illnesses (ILI) of every global winter season. Certainly the age-dependent relationship of CoVID-19 mortality seems to be much like that of ILI mortality.

As against that, the number of deaths attributed to CoVID-19 in the USA is, by the end of 2020, significantly greater than the worst ILI season — according to CDC data, of course. Furthermore, comparison of the United States with other countries,  particularly Taiwan and Australia and New Zealand, seems to support the view that CoVID-19 is exceptionally contagious and that its spread can be greatly restricted by lockdowns, social distancing, and mask-wearing.

On the other hand,  HIV/AIDS-based understanding (as well as a priori reasoning) discredits RT/PCR-CoVID-19 testing as a reliable diagnosis of infection. And yet there does seem to be a strong correlation between reported positive CoVID-19 tests and observed morbidity and mortality. Perhaps indeed the DNA bits found or postulated to be characteristic of CoVID-19 do occur predominantly in individuals who have at some time been infected; some sources have suggested that the DNA or RNA sequences being looked for are fairly lengthy ones and thereby fairly specific to CoVID-19.

To resolve at all conclusively the differences between the official view and the dissident ones, far better data are needed than are presently available. Instead of numbers, one needs to know how those vary by age, by co-morbidities, by diagnoses of actual causes of morbidity and ultimate mortality; together with truly comparable data for ILI. Those data and comparisons are unlikely to be available until far in the future, when historians of medicine do the sort of retrospective investigative work that Michelle Cochrane did for AIDS patients [5].

So what to believe? Who to believe?

Official sources discredited themselves over HIV/AIDS and have not apparently learned from that; HIV=AIDS has never been disavowed, and that mistaken belief and invalid tests continue to bring unnecessary and toxic “treatment” to innumerable individuals.

That officialdom has become widely discredited, including official science and medical science In general, is illustrated by the public hand-wringing by many officials and commentators about the public lack of confidence in vaccines that is expected to interfere with widespread uptake of CoVID-19 vaccination.

The loss of credibility by official sources  has been well earned. A selective bibliography [6] of critiques of contemporary science by scientists and researchers and science writers and other commentators lists dozens of books as well as many articles, as well as a couple of specialist journals concerned solely with breaches of ethics and accountability in science. A companion bibliography [7] lists books, articles, and reports describing the failings of contemporary medicine and medical science.

As to vaccines, the case of HPV vaccines (Gardasil, Cervarix) demonstrates that not only can unproven and even unsafe vaccines be officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration for marketing, they can also then be vigorously promoted by the CDC [8].

In the absence of credible official authorities or sources, What to believe? Who to believe?

Needed reforms are suggested in many of the critical works [7,8], but no significant actions have followed those suggestions.


[1]    That HIV does not cause AIDS can be convincingly demonstrated to anyone who is willing to look at the actual facts available in the official literature including peer-reviewed journals collated in the bibliography at The Case against HIV; included are a couple of dozen books analyzing the data.
    My own book (#5 in The Case against HIV) came about because I followed up a statement clearly incompatible with the official view, searching the records of about two decades of reported HIV tests and finding that the results of those tests show that what the tests detect is not an infectious agent; see also my narrative of that emotionally stressful research (#514 in The Case against HIV).

 [2]   Laurie Garrett, “Meet Trump’s new, homophobic public health quack”, 23 March 2018;
     Laurie Garrett, “Why Trump’s new CDC director is an abysmal choice”, 13 May 2018;
    Kristen Holmes, Nick Valencia & Curt Devine (CNN), “CDC woes bring Director Redfield’s troubled past as an AIDS researcher to light”, 5 June 2020;
    Tim Murphy, “Robert Redfield’s epic COVID failure is not a surprise to many HIV and public health experts”, 28 September 2020

[3]    John Lauritsen, chapter 1 in The AIDS War: Propaganda, Profiteering and Genocide from the Medical-Industrial Complex, ASKLEPIOS, 1993

[4]     Established to promote understanding that HIV does not cause AIDS, Up-to-date website is

[5]    Michelle Cochrane, When AIDS Began: San Francisco and the Making of an Epidemic, Routledge, 2004



[8]    Sacrificial Virgins  (a documentary);
    Mary Holland & Kim Mack Rosenberg, The HPV Vaccine On Trial: Seeking Justice For A Generation Betrayed, Skyhorse, 2018
    HPV vaccines: risks exceed benefits; HPV vaccination: a thalidomide-type scandal;   
    HPV does not cause cervical cancer; HPV, Cochrane review, and the meaning of “cause”


9 Responses to “Dilemmas for a skeptical scientist living in CoVID-19 USA”

  1. David said

    I’m retired family practice MD, but here’s how I would have treated any suspected covid: Diagnose on symptoms because early tests were not available or took days to get back-if the finger oxymeter is normal prescribe HCQ and Zpak (until the Texas Medical board disallowed, then restart in October when they said it was OK) and tell them to come back daily or prn for repeat free O2 level- if O2 <90% send to hospital. I did similar with flu. The office flu test had many false negatives if done too early, and Tamiflu doesn’t work after 48 hours of illness. To wait to do anything at all for someone with symptoms of either flu or covid until they need to go to the ICU doesn’t make sense to me and probably has killed people. By the way the dogma ‘antibiotics don’t kill viruses’ is true but they don’t cure cystic fibrosis either and are commonly used for that. Flu and covid damage the mucocilliary lining of the lungs and allow pneumococcus, normal resident of the human respiratory tract, to invade. Flu and pneumonia were the number one cause of death before antibiotics and about number 10 afterwards.


  2. rrpcco said

    Henry, the “science” of covid can be seen to be complete bllks (except there was indeed a slightly bigger than usual epidemic last spring) at pagess 17-30 of Not least paragraphs 22 and 43, showing the complete lack of evidence in defence of their catastrophic impositions.
    An important part of this failed system is that journalists are always too “busy” to actually do more than scan letterheads and auto-publish the things from Ox U while not even reading any things from Fred Nobody.


    • rrpcco:
      yes indeed. I just got another 5 minutes of fame because of my article in JSE about Nessie being a sea turtle
      but the stories added no value, offered no analysis for readers of what I had written
      and I can’t get media attention for important matters like HIV/AIDS or global warming


      • rrpcco said

        The way forward as I see it……
        The institutions (media, governments, academia) will never of their own initiative correct themselves. But meanwhile, they are all steadily losing credibility. Especially the Covid corruptions are massively damaging their credibility, more than appears to be the case….. .
        I go to different areas of this metropolis. I go to a posh shop in the poshest area, near the major hospital and what’s left of a prestigious university. Round there, there was very high mask compliance even before the latest enforcement (in stores etc) initiative. The people there still believe in the meritocracy system, because well, it’s worked for them.
        Meanwhile there’s an area which I will call W. No-one importance has ever lived in W, so everyone “knows their place” and just obeys the orders from above.
        And finally there are the much more muddled areas including where I live. Belief is very much a minority thing there. There is even high level of breach of the mask regulations.
        I “designed” a new design of mask – take one of the blue things and cut out all but ten mm of the edges. No believer is going to laugh at that pseudo-mask. Instead they would be angry. But the vast majority laugh. I’ve not yet encountered an angry one.

        The govt in UK is betting at high stakes. Their initial lockdown of three weeks ended up as three months. After months of making it up as they go along, they are now onto effectively the fourth lockdown, because the previous ones didn’t work, and of course if banging your head doesn’t work the first three times…. Credibility has now got too strained for many people.

        More and more people are recognising that universities have turned into a scam. And that degrees are increasingly no longer measures of anything useful. That the media is just propaganda, that governments have the likes of crooked liar Johnson at their top. Ironically, the covid regulations have dealt a massive blow to many “universities”, and also they have destroyed the exams system over here.

        Liked by 1 person

      • rrpcco said

        And the latest bbc news says that this fourth lockdown has also failed to reduce “cases”……lol


      • rrpcco:
        what I need is cheering up, not descriptions of the mess we are in……


      • rrpcco said

        “cheering up”

        You should be cheered by the fact that the charlatans are failing in their project of deception, ordinary people are seeing through their tricks, and that the failing of this fourth lockdown is only going to add to that trend! Meanwhile you are retired so (probably) have a lot less to moan about than those still trying/needing to climb the greasy ladders to stay afloat.


      • rrpcco:
        Yes, we are very conscious of being much better situated than people who have lost jobs or businesses, and those whose working conditions have become much worse.
        But the isolation, loss of social interactions, is not a trivial burden


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