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Climate models are wrong — Surprise??

Posted by Henry Bauer on 2013/08/05

The Office of Medical and Scientific Justice posted an informative article from the Providence Journal about the fact that all climate models have predicted continuing temperature rise as carbon dioxide levels have continued to increase, whereas in reality temperatures have not risen for more than 15 years:

“05 Aug (PROVIDENCE JOURNAL) – Climate science is in turmoil. Contrary to predictions by the world’s leading climate models and despite rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, global surface temperatures have been flat for 16 years. How can the climate models be wrong?”

My answer is that the models can be wrong simply because they cannot be right. Global climate is influenced by so many factors that no model could possibly be right, especially since some of the factor are simply not understood, for example, the cause(s) of the 7 or 8 temperature fluctuations over a range of 5-6 degrees Centigrade during the last million years or so (see “A politically liberal global-warming skeptic?”).


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